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Gill Sunglasses & Eyeware

Gill clothing brings style and innovation to the outdoor performance clothing market. Gill has long been attentive to product innovation, to the extent that they have made hi-tech their vocation. They have preserved their original pioneering spirit, to constantly explore whatever is new and to continually strive to produce avant-garde materials and achieve an improvement in the quality of garments.

Gill Aero Floaters
Polaroid Polarizing Lens
Buldir Vest
Gill's Aero sunglasses are the perfect choice for the person who enjoys and conquers extreme conditions.
Colors: Alu-red, Silver & Gunmetal
Women's Gemini Sunglasses
Perfect for Women & Youth
Techno Almeria Shorts - Graphite
With their lighter, thinner frame, the Gemini Sunglasses by Gill are the perfect choice for women sailors.
Colors: Aqua, Tortise & Purple Haze
Gill 20/20 Sunglasses
100% Glare Proof Lenses
Buldir Vest
Rubberized tips on the arms, as well as rubberized nose pads keeps your glasses firmly on your nose
Colors: Alu-red, Black & Violet
Gill Equinox Sunglasses
Hip & Stylish Frames
Gill Equinox Sunglasses
Stylish floating gill glasses come in two outrageous crystal colors with 100% glare free reflective lenses by Polaroid.
Crystal Blue, Crystal Black & Silver Red